The cinematic universe of Marvel and Star Wars gives your desk an instant makeover

Which hero do you prefer?
23 April 2018 / 11:32IST

We’re done with fidget spinners, but somehow superheroes never disappoint. The simple joy of sipping coffee from a Captain America, Hulk or Kylo Ren mug can make a boring day a little more interesting. Imagine stumbling into office half-heartedly on a Monday morning and Princess Leia awaits your arrival along with a nice, hot cuppa. You’d agree that even humans don’t provide the same comfort. The Marvel and Star Wars universe are hard to stay away from, but don’t keep your superhero expectations too high. There are push buttons that changes the characters’ expressions to match your own so focussing on the job at hand might become a teeny bit difficult. These Mighty Mugg figurines are ₹999 a pop and can be ordered from here.

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