You can’t drift past Roads That Honk

This anti-collision vehicle management system will make sure Dominic Toretto can’t go rogue
25 April 2017 / 12:40IST

From Tokyo to Srinagar Highway, Roads That Honk will make your blind turns on the highway a lot safer and numb your drifty schemes. Crafted by Leo burnett and HP Lubricants, these SmartLife poles are placed on each side of key hairpin bends.The poles detect oncoming vehicles using electromagnetic waves and their frequency shift caused by the Doppler effect, then communicate with each other to caution approaching vehicles on either sides with a horn. Jammu-Srinagar Highway (a road that is touted as one of the most precarious highways by National Geographic) is the first place to be equipped with these solar-powered officers to catch any rogue Doms.

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