Xiaomi’s new limited edition Lamborghini go-kart is a supercar we can all afford

The roar of a Lambo, minus the crippling debt
20 August 2020 / 12:59IST

Next time you want to dominate a go-karting birthday party, why not rock up in Xiaomi’s new Lamborghini-inspired number and give your mates something to talk about? The special edition Ninebot GoKart Pro, to give it its full name, has a top speed of 25mph and a 432Wh battery which allows for up to 62 laps of a 400m circuit. If the iconically sexy yellow ‘Giallo Orion’ paint job wasn’t enough, its in-built speakers also recreate the menacing roar of a real Lambo engine. A sleek racing wheel and rear wing will keep you glued to the track, providing you’re not over the max 100kg weight capacity, while high-vis blue LED headlights and custom tires should have you drifting around the track with ease. While there’s currently no Indian release info, it can be snapped up in China for 9,999 Yuan or around a lakh. Blue shell optional.

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