Wait no more for BMW’s G 310 twins

UPDATE: Both the BMWs have finally got an Indian price tag
18 July 2018 / 13:41IST

The long awaited, reasonably priced (but still quite premium) offerings from BMW, the G 310 R and G 310 GS have finally hit Indian shores! The Beemers have been dangled like carrots right in front of our eyes and we have waited with bated breath for any word on when we can throw some dough at them and get a piece of that BMW pie. The wait is finally over with BMW announcing that customers can pre-book their rides before the official launch and get ahead in line to get delivery. Why should you be excited, you ask? Well, it’s a bleeding BMW to begin with. It has brilliant German engineering to boast of. The looks alone would make one drool. You would have to be mental or a Vulcan (same thing really) to not be excited by that. It’s a BMW for Christ’s sake! Is this what he meant by Acche Din? BMW's priced the G 310 R at 2.99lacs and the G 310 GS at 3.49 lacs (ex-showroom Delhi).

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