Twenty Two Motors’ electric scooter Flow is a zippy little genius

Flow's AI will help you navigate traffic and save itself from theft
09 February 2018 / 16:53IST

All thanks Tesla, everybody wants to jump on the hipster electric motor bandwagon. Tata and Maruti have already unveiled their eco-friendly cars at the Auto Expo 2018, and now, we have an all-electric two-wheeler, Flow, with Twenty Two Motors. But wait, this scooter doesn’t just save the environment, it is also equipped with its own smarts. This AI-powered vehicle is connected to a cloud server which will help the driver get customized vehicle updates that are delivered automatically to its touch dashboard display helping with the traffic navigation. Not only that, this smart-alec is also equipped with an in-built Geo-Fencing to secure the scooter against theft. Yep, this scooter seems to have it all -- it’s eco-friendly and has the AI smarts. So, if you want a smart scooter that lends you green manners, be ready to shell out ₹ 74,740 and prebook it on 22 Motors.

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