TVS takes charge of its two-wheeler future by going green with three new bikes

The TVS Creon, Zeppelin and the RTR 200 Fi Ethanol
08 February 2018 / 11:09IST

TVS stole a part of the Auto Expo 2018 show by unveiling three new bikes with environmental friendly specs. The TVS Creon - A next-gen smart electric scooter that does 0-60 in 5.1secs up to 80 kms of range. It’s powered by Li-ion batteries and has an informatic display, a smartphone app (via Bluetooth) with cloud connectivity, GPS and other cool specs. Tell me about the Zeppelin, please - *Plays The Immigrant Song* The TVS Zeppelin is a concept 220cc cruiser bike with batteries (48V Li-ion battery). It’s got e-boost (starts the bike faster), and oh, it’s got an HD cam at the front to do all that recording. What else has TVS got in stock? Meet it’s RTR 200 Fi Ethanol. Remember that non-toxic, biodegradable thing produced from renewable plant sources? Yeah? Yeah. It still looks the same, only difference, it's got an ‘Ethanol’ sticker underneath the tank and equipped with a Twin Spray-Twin-Port EFI tech which helps make the ride better, faster and reduce emission levels. All said and done, now we will wait to see ‘em on Indian roads.

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