Trak N Tell has made a watchman for your car

Track it and tell your human watchman he’s fired in Hindi
02 August 2017 / 18:23IST

Have you ever gone for a house party and woken up next morning to find your Toyota Innova missing from across the street? And then 27 days and a bribe later, the cops tell you that they found your car on the highway of Rajasthan filled with bags of Opium and a gun? No? Then you don’t live in Delhi. Luckily even after you’ve fired your night-dozing watchman, you can sleep easy. Why? Because your next Innova should have the Intelli7+ by Trak N Tell. The live tracking feature will show where your car is going in real-time and which highway the Opium seller is on. Not that he will reach that far, thanks to its Watchman security alarm feature that will alert you every time a sneaky Opium seller tries to fiddle with your vehicle. Also, the app works in Hindi so that the drivers understand notifications and other alerts easily. The Intelli7+ will be available from next week for 8,999. If you have an Innova, you know what to do.

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