Tata H5X SUV is proof of Land Rover’s design influence

The Italian idli
08 February 2018 / 18:29IST

Jaguars have already been stripped down to cabs for Taj Hotel Mumbai. Land Rover is trying to punch above its weight for quite some time. Who wins? Tata! Why? ‘Cos finally that bold look from the Rover Discovery is seeping into the Tata’s design. Cars that once looked like Sada Dosa, now hold a sense of Yorkshire pudding. Albeit, a bit on the plumper side but hey, check that backside. It’s got some Italian chic to it. It will be available in a 5 seater and 7 seater arrangement with 2.0 litre Multijet II diesel engine spinning those massive 22 inch wheels. It’s not just another all bark no bite from Tata. The 5 seater will have 140hp and the 7 seater will push to 170hp. By the way, how does two wheel and four wheel drivetrain squished in a pocket-friendly segment of ₹13lacs sound to you? Like the slow whining of Jeep Compass owners? We’ll only know in due time.

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