Tata 45X concept looks like a jaguar but feels like a tabby

If looks could kill we’d put it in a glass box
08 February 2018 / 11:04IST

Tata motors is racing towards making all electric vehicles and with their AMP (advanced modular platform) ball game, things can twist up a notch in the hatchback segment. The 45X with its oh-so-expensive looking design could help them pole vault into the premium hatchback segment. Unfortunately, that’s how much we know for now cos’ Tata put this kitty in a glass box for the world to see and stroke their chins in awe. What we can tell you is, AMP lets Tata do modular (read as minor) changes to various modules (read as looks and style) of a car to make a completely new product while increasing production efficiency for cost cutting. In short, they can pole vault into different segments of cars and land on the other side without twisting a foot. On a serious note, stroke your chin if this looks like a Range Rover to you. Then scratch your head if you’re wondering why this has a Tiago or Nexon engine. Confused? AMP baby!

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