Six freestyle motocross riders defy gravity at the Red Bull FMX Jam in Mumbai

I believe I can fly
02 February 2019 / 18:16IST

Most of us fellow Indians aren’t exposed to adventure sports as much as other countries and that’s exactly what the Government of Maharashtra are planning on promoting. They shook hands with Redbull so we could witness the best freestyle motocross action right in front of the Gateway of India. From freestyle veterans to world champions, professional riders like Robbie Maddison, Tom Pages, Alexey Kolesnikov, Martin Koren, Radek Bilek and Julien Vanstippen pulled off a pack of tricks from backflips, superman and no look poses and the crowd couldn’t keep their jaws from dropping and their phones from filming. Not only that, Red Bull also mixed in a little hip-hop right from the streets of Mumbai to pump up the crowd. You can head to our Instagram page to catch rest of the action from today afternoon.

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