Off-Roading goes electric with the Maruti Suzuki e-Survivor concept

Sparky trails
08 February 2018 / 17:24IST

Few joys in life beat the thrill of taking your well-engineered machine into the more secluded parts of the planet. Spots where the word wild might just as well mean civilized or tame. It's a true test of one's mastery over the machine and of the metal that makes it. As sacred as it is, it might be in jeopardy, with the green-peace folks aka hippies out to strangle the life out of our beloved off-roaders. Fear not though, off-roading might change slightly but won’t die, due to the efforts of manufacturers like Maruti Suzuki.  Auto-Expo 2018 saw the unveiling of the e-Survivor concept, showing us a glimpse of what SUV’s might be like in the near-future. Designed to be a compact SUV, the e-Survivor almost resembles a quad-bike but a much larger and futuristic quad-bike. A ladder frame chassis and light-weight body, combined with a high ground-clearance make it look purpose-built and ready to decimate rough terrain. True to form, the interior does away with last-century knobs and buttons in favour of a spherical monitor. Can’t wait to carve up some trails in this one!

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