Ride in luxury with Indian Motorcycle's Roadmaster Elite

Handcrafted with 23K gold leaf badging on the tank
03 May 2018 / 11:51IST

Let’s start off with a history lesson today - Indian Motorcycles is America’s first motorcycle company and it made bikes that served in WWII. Pretty cool, eh? The Roadmaster Elite (₹48 lacs) is painted with two-tone blue and black candy paint and handcrafted with 23K gold leaf badging on the tank and lower exteriors. Just like the Roadmaster, the Elite is powered by the same Thunder Stroke 111 engine with 1811cc to churn out with 150Nm of torque, which by the way is some serious vroom. It’s got a 7in command system at the front which displays all vehicle stats and info, navigation and Bluetooth audio to blast some tunes and LED lights all over it. Best part? It’s already found its first owner to fit in nicely in its garage and maybe one day to tour the entire country, one day.

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