Okinawa wants you to stop using fuel

The Okinawa Ridge e-scooter should spark up your ride
07 November 2017 / 17:17IST

It’s a scooter, it’s a hybrid, it’s a scooty – it’s all of the above, only better 'coz it’s eco-friendly! Good looks, alloy wheels, tubeless tyres – it’s got all that a regular scooter has, plus the added advantage of being eco -friendly. So, if you want to impress that lady of yours, take her riding on the Ridge (₹42,400) and you’re sure to earn some brownie points for thinking about the environment. Achieving an impressive 55kmph on the roads we drive on isn’t too bad either for an electric two-wheeler! We’re looking forward to the upcoming models which claim to cover almost 200 km once fully charged.

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