Nissan’s new Leaf (2018) uses one pedal to get you to your electric dreams

Just one sole to save us oil
23 January 2018 / 12:16IST

Rubbish at eco gear shifts? You’ve two options: abandon hope and buy a flappy paddle Ferrari, or go cash-in on the new-for-2018 Nissan Leaf (₹TBC). Equipped with a nippy 110kw electric drivetrain (equivalent to 148bhp), its biggest trick is one-pedal driving. Lace up your favourite shoe and let the e-Pedal do the work, using resistance from the car’s regenerative energy tech to do the slowing when you lift off. Besides giving your ankle a rest, it also maximises range - helping deliver a respectable 378 kms from a single charge. Parking will be a cinch, thanks to the fully autonomous ProPilot Park system.

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