The new Mercedes E53 and E63 AMG go over the top under the hood

More adrenaline with less discomfort
15 July 2021 / 21:44IST

Mercedes introduces the new AMG E 53 and E 63 S to blend luxury with performance to deliver the best of both worlds. With a new rear tail, updated touchscreen MBUX infotainment system and other exclusive AMG features, these 4-door 4-wheel drive sedans flaunt the typical E series comfort but these variants are hiding their true nature under their pretty faces. With the 9-speed AMG Speedshift transmission, the E53 produces 435 hp and the E63 has a whopping 612hp. Expect to take your family from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.5 seconds if you’re getting late for your dinner reservations. If your loved ones take too much time to get ready, the E63S will help you shave off the travel time by going from 0 to 100km/h in 3.5 seconds. Just like how we can’t run on a full stomach, the Merc can change from SuperSport to Modern Classic mode and let the relaxing ambient lighting lull the passengers to sleep in the Nappa leather seats. You also have the option of an Energizer Package that will give you a selection of various massages to pamper you. If size matters then your expectations won’t meet reality because these are not long wheel base like the regular E. So, if speed is your thing, you can also expect it to quickly drain your bank balance because the E53 will set you back by ₹1.02 - 1.70 Crore (ex-showroom price).

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