MG is ready to electrify your future with the Pure Electric Internet SUV, the ZS EV

A whole new ecosystem awaits as the car gears up for its 2020 launch…
06 December 2019 / 12:17IST

The future of automobiles as we know it today is going to be changing very, very fast. And for good. It’s time to bid adieu to gas guzzlers, break up with fossil fuels in whatever way possible and give ourselves a green living option. An all-electric SUV is the way forward. The MG Motors ZS EV,launched at an inaugural price of ₹19.88 lakh (ex-showroom, New Delhi), has got the works ‒ 44.5 kWh, liquid-cooled NMC, a range of 340km on full charge, 353 Nm torque, a well thought-out charging ecosystem, and a claimed 0-100kmph in 8.5 seconds ‒ to impress us on first look for sure! Staying true to its ‘connected mobility’ DNA, the ZS EV comes with an updated iSMART EV 2.0 that also connects to the users’ home network along with external Wi-Fi connections. Slated to release in January 2020, MG has plans to improve upon the current EV charging systems to encourage increased use of their EVs, so we can hope to kiss goodbye to range anxiety along with emissions as well. But that’s further into the future. For now, it's the ZS EV!

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