MG launches its Hector. A car with an IQ

It also defended Troy
15 May 2019 / 21:39IST

Tempting and teasing, MG has been dangling the Hector, making car enthusiasts the world over salivate over it. Thankfully, the wait is over, with the final production version of the car being unveiled today. And even more thankfully it seems it can live up to expectations. The Hector boasts a ton of features that have never been seen before on a car in this segment. Features like a dual paned sunroof, eight ambient light colors and best of all, a music system by Infinity. What makes the Hector more special than most is the iDrive technology that it comes with. It's designed to learn from the user and make life easy. It can also be used to perform functions in the car via voice control or it's very own app. Guess you wont have to worry if you forgot to lock the car if you own a Hector. Pricing is yet to be announced with bookings and deliveries starting from early June.

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