Mercedes-AMG has a two-pronged approach to kill the virus

27 May 2020 / 14:41IST

 Like thoroughbreds waiting in the wings for the first flight, Mercedes-Benz India is readying two of their finest for a world post-lockdown. Hoping that the collective growls of the bi-turbo V8s will scare the virus away would be a great fantasy, but the reality is that they will scare kids and wake the dead, at least! The GT R is the most extreme variant of the iconic front mid-engined sports car that Mercedes has been honing since the gullwinged SLS. In this guise, it generates a massive 576bhp and 700Nm from its handbuilt 4.0 litre V8 biturbo engine. A manual traction control dial lets you adjust how much brown you want in your pants on a track. Bit much? Well, the C63 Coupe almost looks sedate in comparison with “only” 470bhp and 650Nm. Both cars get the more aggressive Panamericana grille that is the hallmark of V8-powered AMGs, but the GT R gets a 7-speed DCT while the C63 Coupe gets a 9-speed Speedshift, keeping in mind their varying torque figures and possible uses. The GT R is unapologising in its track-oriented focus, while the C63 Coupe can still be used for a grocery run, although with high chances of the ingredients turning into goo by the time you get home. The C63 Coupé will set you back by ₹1.33 crore and the AMG GT R by ₹2.48 crores. What the green hell!

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