Land-mining on wheels

The legend of off-roading gets a spit shine
13 February 2020 / 15:54IST

You can’t mention the words Land and Rover in the same sentence without talking about wading depth. So while you soak inside the luxurious cabin breathing ionised air and massage your ears with a Meridian sound system, the big SUV will be ferrying you across a river or a flooded Byculla with 600mm of wading capacity! The 5+2 seater is the quintessential Land Rover which seats an entire family and their luggage for a weekend of discovery (all puns intended). And to make that task easier, it comes equipped with Lane Keeping Assist, Hill Descent Control, All-Terrain Progress Control and, of course, all-wheel drive to get you out of sticky situations. The new Disco Sport also comes with Clearsight for the first time in a Land Rover, and this is the name for the tech that allows you to toggle the inside rear-view mirror for a live feed from a boot-mounted camera, basically turning it into a monitor that gives you an unobstructed view of the road behind, regardless of luggage load or passengers in the back seat. It’s really nifty and makes driving this large SUV much easier around town. Add parking assist, wireless charging, live maps with traffic and you have a family car that’s as well suited to the urban jungle as it is for the actual jungle. Available in petrol or diesel engines, the Discovery Sport prices start at ₹57.06 lakh for the S variant and ₹60.89 lakh for the R-Dynamic SE trim.

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