Lambo's big and tall Urus is a supercar-baiting SUV

A super-SUV that really can do it all?
12 January 2018 / 11:03IST

The Urus is everything Lamborghini's flamboyant supercars, the Huaracan and Aventador, aren't: a four-door, four-seat high rider with room for the whole family, windows you can actually see out of, and enough ground clearance to navigate speed bumps without chipping off huge chunks of paint. There's even a boot that'll hold more than a single bag of shopping. Don't think it's any less of a Lambo, though: under the hood is a 4-litre, twin-turbocharged V8 engine that chucks out 650 horsepower. That's enough to propel the hefty 2200kg beast to 99kmph in a neck-snapping 3.6 seconds, or all the way to a 305kmph top speed. Inside you get the usual mad Lamborghini design flourishes, like the fighter jet-style ignition switch, hexagonal cup holders and more LCD screens than you'll know what to do with. Want to get your hands on the fastest SUV on the planet? Head to your nearest hospital, sell a few body parts and then head to the Lamborghini showroom. Get this monster for ₹3 crores (ex-showroom).

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