Lamborghini Huracan STO launched in India

A bull on steroids!
31 July 2021 / 14:28IST

If not for the power or the insane engineering and if you’re still reading this with intent after digesting the ₹4.99 crore price tag, you should consider shelling out for the Huracan STO just so you can practice your Italian swag. Super Trofeo Omologato...saying it out loud never gets old, just like this STO’s naturally-aspirated V10 engine that denounces turbos like racism. The 640hp supercar is a bit down on torque compared to the Evo or Performante modes, at 565Nm but that’s because it sends all the power just to the rear wheels, like a proper race car. In fact, the STO is a race car homologated for the street and borrows a lot of bits from its chequered flag chasing family members. A single-piece bonnet and bumper assembly, an air-scoop on the roof for more cooling, massive shark-fin for stability at higher speeds, manually adjustable rear-wing for dialling in the right amount of downforce and even F1-inspired carbon-ceramic brakes. In order to shed a massive 43kgs compared to the regular version, the insides are swathed in carbon fibre and alcantara. Don’t even expect door handles! If that doesn’t excite you, we can’t be friends.

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