KIA Motors’ BEAT360 takes immersive brand experience to the level of Mixed Reality

Innovative, immersive, and a whole lotta fun
12 October 2019 / 17:45IST

So buying a car doesn’t mean going for a test drive on the pre-decided route. Turning the experience of test driving, and checking out the car, into a whole new ‘immersive’ level, KIA Motors India’s BEAT360 has launched a one-of-a-kind brand experience centre in Gurugram. First in India, and one of many similar experience centres across the globe, BEAT360 isn’t going to be your regular car showroom visit anymore. The 5280sqft space is divided into three zones - the Surround Zone, Cafe Zone and the Mixed Reality Zone - so anyone walking in can get a taste of the immersive tech KIA so frequently boasts about. Each zone is designed to bring the customer a step closer to the brand. The Surround Zone takes you on a virtual/visual drive through the 11mm-wide surround screen for a sensory experience. The cafe is intended to unwind, and the MR zone lets one experience the car in a more intricate and detailed manner fuelled by technology. Now that said, since the Seltos has entered the segment with a big bang, this experience zone is worth checking out too, especially if you’re considering booking one.

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