Jeep Compass finds its way to settle in India

Made in India with 50+ safety features starting at ₹14.95 lacs
31 July 2017 / 14:00IST

When Prime Minister Modi yelled ‘Make-in-India’, we yelled back ‘But who’? And those words echoed all the way to America with Jeep raising their hands up in the air singin’, ok you know where this goes. Jeep has officially unveiled the Jeep Compass for India and here’s the best part - it's ‘Made in India’. No, it's not going to have broken windows and flat tyres because Jeep has invested $280 million in the Ranjangaon manufacturing facility in Maharashtra. It will begin local production from June this year and India will be the Compass' mother plant for all right-hand-drive markets, including the UK, Japan and Australia. The Compass will come in two powertrain options – the 160+ HP (250 Nm Multi-air petrol) and the 170+ HP (350 Nm, Diesel) along with 50+ safety features like Electronic Stability Control (ESC), ABS Brakes, Dynamic Steering Torque (DST), Hill Start Assist (HSA), Adaptive Brake Lights, Panic Brake Assist and many more. Hurray to that and low prices. The Jeep Compass starts at ₹14.95 lacs for the base Sports petrol variant and going up to ₹20.65 lacs for the Limited diesel variant (ex-showroom, Delhi). Wave goodbye to all those annoying import duties and put your hands up in the air singin’ - aaaaaye-o.

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