The Indian FTR 1200 is naked and loves dirt(y)

It will even move its rear out
21 August 2019 / 18:35IST

Alright, we admit that the American dream shines a bit too bright here and the FTR 1200 S is no exception. It’s got the glam-polish of the hunkered down Indian cruisers we’ve loved and seen so far but it can go off road like no other Indian Motorcycle. The FTR 1200 S and the 1200 S Race Replica are inspired by the FTR 750 and its flat track racing legacy. That said, the upright seating position and sporty looks are opening up this cruiser-only exclusive club to a lot more people. Californian sunsets or Californian dust, you decide. Inverted front suspension, Brembo brakes and smartly placed under seat fuel tank for a low center of gravity will probably compliment its off-road nature and if you find yourself in a situation, the three modes - sport, standard and rain will ensure Mumbai monsoon potholes feel more adventurous and less deadly. There’s a 4.3in LCD touch screen to change the aforementioned modes and a host of other settings as well. The FTR 1200 S will be priced at ₹15,99,000 and the FTR 1200 S Race Replica will cost you ₹17,99,000 (ex-showroom).  

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