The future’s orange, the future’s Audi e-Tron

It may not be available for purchase now, but the e-Tron shows us a slice of the future
29 June 2019 / 14:02IST

Behind closed doors, at a very secret and exclusive event, Audi gave us a sneak peek into their vision of the future. Only in this case, the future’s already at our doorstep. Quite literally so because once you get your hands on the 55 Quattro e-Tron, Audi will install a charger in your garage and after a full night's charge (8.5hrs), you’re ready to zoom off to your nearest hill station without the guilt of leaving a carbon footprint behind. With a range of more than 400kms and a 0-100km/hr acceleration of 6.6secs, it’s also a fun SUV besides being a clean one. The Li-Ion battery feeds two motors for the front and rear axles, together generating around 408bhp in a rear-biased set-up. Audi’s optional virtual mirror replaces mirrors with a 360-degree camera system, operational by OLED screens on the door panels! Besides being a cool party trick, it also eliminates the risk of blind spots and reduced drag as well. The all-new infotainment now gets twin touchscreens with haptic feedback, a refreshed Audi Virtual Cockpit instrument cluster and seven different Audi Drive Select modes to ensure it still drives and wades through water like a proper SUV. A 16-speaker, 705watt Bang & Olufsen 3D surround Hi-Fi system, phone box with wireless charging and ambient lighting is all standard, as is the huge panoramic sunroof. Orange is the new colour to signify electric and the e-Tron wears orange brake calipers and badging to denote its planet-friendly, all-electric credentials. Make way for the future and get ready to shell out upwards of ₹1cr when Audi launches this in India by the year end. 


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