Forget your battery charging woes with KYMCO’s Ionex electric solution

The Tesla of two-wheelers? Maybe
28 March 2018 / 13:31IST

Taiwan's No.1 two-wheeler manufacturer recently unveiled its latest game-changing smart electric scooter at the Tokyo Motor Show 2017. This claims to take care of all the petty barriers that electric vehicles face. Firstly, the charging bit. The KYMCO Ionex battery permanently sits in the scooter and waits to recharge itself with two other replaceable batteries (5kgs each) stored inside the floorboard. Secondly, you don't have to worry about range, mileage...or anxiety for that matter. They say the Ionex battery hates to make you wait. With the Ionex’s electric architecture you can still ride the distance, get groceries, buy yourself a coffee whilst those two batteries juice up the core battery simultaneously. The batteries all put together are claimed to deliver a combined range of 100+km. You can potentially double that range by renting out three additional batteries from a KYMCO dealership. Road trip anyone? KYMCO’s shared outlets and public charge lockers are always going to be there. You can charge the scooter by plugging it to a power source, or, you can carry the removable batteries and charge it at home or office. Game-changer right? Hell yeah. Look's like India's getting the taste of Taiwan's electric scooter sooner than we expected. Thanks to the partnership with Twenty Two Motors and KYMCO, you can ride its all-electric scooter from early 2019 in India. Go green every day.

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