Ford's new Mustang SUV is electric

No, literally!
19 November 2019 / 10:35IST

When you think Ford Mustangs, you imagine the brute power and the sound of a supercharged V8 engine that’s loud enough to scare anyone on startup. If you are a car nerd, you would imagine the ‘badass’ 1968 GT Fastback Mustang that Steve McQueen ripped the streets of San Francisco with in the filming of Bullitt. Ford’s new Mustang Mach-E is anything but that – it’s an SUV, it’s all-electric and does not sound like any other Mustang out there, because it’s silent. But it is Mustang-inspired and packs in quite a punch with base variant (starts from $43,895) getting you from 0-100 in 8.0 seconds and a range of range of around 450km (as per Ford). And if that wasn’t enough, this pony still packs in a punch in storage department. With no engine under the hood, there’s plenty of front-load storage space and enough space inside to keep 5 nature-lovers comfortable.

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