Ferrari a family of four

Sorry, we meant ferry. A very frightening ferry.
02 August 2017 / 16:47IST

A direct descendant of Ferrari’s first proper 4WD, front-engined, four-seater, the GTC4 Lusso follows on the footsteps of the FF but with more meaningful advancements. Most striking is the additional of the all-new four wheel steering which allows the rear wheels to move in the opposite direction at speeds up to 100kmph. At speeds above 100kmph, the wheels move in the same direction as the front, improving both turning radius and high-speed stability. The GTC4 Lusso also gets a new infotainment system, controlled by a huge 10.25in touchscreen and interestingly, even the passenger gets his/her own screen that reads out drive and engine info that may serve as cues to shriek. The GTC4 Lusso is available in two guises, a naturally-aspirated V12 and a V8 turbo-charged option, priced at 5.2cr and 4.2cr respectively. Both make power in excess of 600bhp but the V8 option comes only in RWD form for an extra dose of fright or fun, depending on your age. The first lucky customer will be taking delivery of this red example today and two more cars have been allocated for India for 2017. We are willing to give up our booking slot if anyone’s interested.

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