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Factory-to-customer car sales a reality!
07 July 2021 / 13:43IST

In what seems to be a new trend, expedited by the unfortunate course of events during 2020/21, online car shopping is the new indulgence for the well-heeled. French carmaker Citroen is rolling out its Direct-to-Customer ‘Buy Online’ initiative in a first-of-a-kind retail model in India. The C5 Aircross, currently the only model from Citroen on sale in India and their flagship SUV, can be bought across more than 50 cities, direct from the factory to your doorstep! The car is duly registered and delivered, ready to drive with services like E-Trade in, E-Sales advisor, E-buy warranty and service packages and E-access to finance and insurance all built into the website. Of course, Citroen promises after-sales support for each online customer via its ever-growing network of roadside assistance vehicles with the help of the closest physical dealership too. Feeling clicky?

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