CES 2020: Did Sony just beat Apple to the electric car race?

Yes, we had a hard time figuring this out too!
07 January 2020 / 11:23IST

Fret not! This one’s still a concept! Still, Sony’s new Vision-S is a jaw dropper solely because it comes from an electronics brand, something that many have been expecting from Apple for a long, long time. And the single response that one should have is “Why not?”. Sony has its tentacles in almost every electronics segment you can possibly imagine, so it obviously made sense for the Japanese tech giant to tie up with a few automotive experts like Bosch, Magna and BlackBerry (software) and showcase a car that’s packed with Sony goodies inside. The car will remind you of Porsche’s Taycan EV and features a multitude of sensors, widescreen displays and, like every good concept car should, is always connected. Sony did not comment whether this EV will make it to production (fingers crossed for that), so the only real question that matters right now is whether it will be available in the next Gran Turismo DLC for a spin.

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