The Brutale 800 from MV Agusta is what the most sinful two-wheeled fantasies are made of…

… and starting at ₹15.59 (ex-Pune), the Italian urges you to indulge
20 July 2017 / 1:04IST

There’s reasons why this particular set of wheels has most enthusiasts sitting at the edge of their seats wide-eyed and open-mouthed. If you don’t get it already, there’s little we can do to fix that. For the rest of you, let’s talk numbers. This 798cc three-cylinder machine whips up 109 horses good for an adequately pant-soiling 237kmph. We say machine when what we really mean is chariot of supreme badassery. The elliptical full LED headlamp and three-pipe exhaust lend it characteristics that are designed to turn everyone into believers. Of unadulterated Italian aesthetics that is. Eight level traction control ensures you don’t slap it with silly titles such as ‘widow-maker’. We know what we’re asking Santa for this christmas. Oh, you’re your own Santa is it? Well, here’s where you go to book yourself one, douche.

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