BMW i Vision Amby puts a different spin on electric bikes

A bicycle or a motorbike? It is neither
07 September 2021 / 11:12IST

Sci-fi books predicted that we would be travelling via flying cars in the 21st century. While that remains a distant dream, BMW’s i Vision Amby concept feels more real. Described as “high-speed pedelec for urbanists”, the Amby puts a futuristic spin on electric bikes. The i Vision Amby requires pedalling, while the Motorrad Vision Amby variant accelerates via a throttle grip. Both feature three speed options – 25 km/h for cycle tracks, 45 km/h for city, and 60 km/h for multi-lane roads. While an e-bike with variable speeds isn’t new, BMW’s futuristic bikes are smart enough to detect the road using geofencing, and automatically adjust the speeds. A smartphone is used as a “key” to activate the bike, and also set the riding mode based on the rider’s driving licence. The Amby is powered by a 2,000Wh battery positioned in the centre of the frame, which promises a range of up to 300km. Using fast charging, the battery can be topped up in only three hours. While it sounds exciting, these are simply concepts that have been unveiled by the BMW Group at the IAA Mobility event.

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