Audi’s A8L puts business class in the back

And chauffeurs you through traffic, too
12 July 2017 / 11:37IST

If you’ve the readies to afford being ferried around by a driver, you’re probably more likely to buy a Bentley than an Audi. Unless, that is, it’s the new A8L (₹TBC) - complete with optional relaxation seat. Bringing new meaning to back seat fun, this comfy cradle offers everything from a warming footrest to a back massage. There’s tech to spare, too, including a removable OLED remote for controlling the ambient lighting. And, if you can’t afford a chauffeur, you can get your butler to push the AI button on the centre console. It’ll activate an automatic driver that’ll steer you at up to 60km/h through heavy traffic. Which is very good, m’lady.

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