Amazon Echo Auto is the cure for long drive loneliness

Does it work with Google Maps?
07 January 2020 / 12:43IST

Jeff Bezos will not stop till Alexa becomes a household name, and now the AI butler has moved from the safe confines of your home to the streets (Street cred as per vehicle). Actually, it’s moved inside four metal doors and four wheels to be precise, and it’s made to sit on any dashboard as long as there’s a 12V charging socket or USB. If you’re rocking a Padmini with line out, the Echo Auto will latch onto that too, or Bluetooth is the way. It doesn’t fall short of options for connectivity and will use your smartphone data via Alexa app to stream music among other AI butler duties. There are eight microphones designed to hear your commands over the AC and road noise. It’s available for ₹4,999.

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