22 Motor's Flow is an all-electric scooter juiced up with KYMCO's Ionex battery tech

Electricity is the fuel of the future
15 October 2018 / 19:00IST

While the government’s busy hiking fuel prices, 22 Motors has partnered with Taiwan’s best two-wheeler manufacturer KYMCO to get India onboard the whole green-revolution. They say smart vehicles are the future, and their first scooter to zip across Indian roads will be the Flow. The Flow is an all-electric scooter powered by KYMCO's Ionex battery solution. The crux of this is to eliminate the waiting period to charge up your scooter so you save time and energy. You can scoot through streets at a top speed of 60kmph (Peak torque at 90Nm at 100rpm) and go a distance of 160kms on a full charge. Low on juice? You can charge its removable battery up to 70% in an hour. Don't worry about the weather being erratic, it's IP65 protected so it's well guarded from rain or dust. As for the tech part, the scooter is intelligent and learns how you ride it. It connects to your phone and provides other vital stats such as - battery user analysis, change in driving pattern, automatic geo fencing and plenty other cool stuff to fidget around with too. So if you're thinking of going electric, now is the time. You can start saving up and get yours when it comes out in early ‘19 for 74,740. Don't like this one? Expect more scooters to come your way. Go green, go hard.

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