Car-shuddering subwoofers launched by Pioneer for your in-car entertainment

Have a banging time on those long drives
15 March 2017 / 15:50IST

Who needs subwoofers anyway? Cars these days are already well equipped with great sound systems pre-installed.

True, but there is one thing most cars lack when it comes to in-car audio entertainment, and that is some good old ear-bleeding, car-rattling, punch-in-the-guts bass. It’s impossible to imagine truly immersive acoustics without propper bass.


I like having boot space and I definitely do not want to be lugging around a heavy, unwieldy subwoofer all the time.

Fret not little one. The new subwoofers come in two variants, the TX-WX306B box subwoofer and its cylindrical cousin, TS-WX306T. The box variant particularly saves you a lot of room in the boot. And as for your weight concerns, Pioneer has you covered there too. Both variants come with VCCS (voice coil cooling system) technology which not only keeps the system cool and power efficient, but also reduces the weight of the units.

What makes them so much better than the others?

Pioneer claims to have extensively researched the Indian consumers before designing and developing the new subwoofers. Additionally, the systems look great and should be suitable for all cars.


I’d rather save myself a big wad of cash, though.

Would we be talking about it if it were pricy? To be honest, we would, but that’s not the point. In this case, Pioneer has announced a price of ₹7990, which seems reasonable when you consider all the booming goodness you get in return.

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