You can’t hide from boss. Jabra’s PanaCast video conferencing camera can see you

Even if you stick yourself to the wall
22 August 2019 / 18:52IST

You will never be able to hide yourself if your meeting room video conferencing systems are equipped with a Jabra PanaCast camera. The PanaCast is a true 180-degree video conferencing camera solution for small-to-large businesses where the person(s) on the opposite end can see wall-to-wall on their feed. So if you are sleepy and you think you could catch a wink or two on that corner seat, think twice. The PanaCast uses three 13MP cameras that are placed at three angles to capture a complete 180-degree view. Three camera feeds are stitched in real-time to create a single seamless panoramic video to broadcast on the other end. . It also features options to additionally zoom and share specific areas in the video to the other end. Whiteboards, display panels, etc can be showcased to the other end of the feed for productive meetings. So if you thought you could catch a nap at the far end of the meeting room — think again. The simple plug-n-play device, almost half the size of an average smartphone, is available for USD895 (Approx ₹65,000). Your weekly virtual meetings won't be the same again; neither will your boss’ moods.