YI Smart Dash Camera assures you worry-free driving

Keep your driving under surveillance, you never know when you may need it
25 June 2019 / 12:20IST

Having a third eye keep watch on your driving is as important as insurance when problems arrive. City driving, especially if you drive a car around comes with its own set of worries - What if I knocked down someone with no fault of mine? With a dash camera on your windscreen, any untoward incidents that could land you into trouble could be kept at bay. If your car has a chauffeur, you could also keep a tab on his driving skills while you are at work. YI Technologies’ has introduced its Smart Dash Camera in India, which is a little bigger than a match box and can record full HD videos of your journey. With an Advanced Driver Assistant System (ADAS) feature, the camera can also warn you when you are leaving one lane and entering into the other. Pull up a smartphone app and you can also access all the previous journey recordings or simply watch the road in real time. So what are you waiting for? Grab the camera for ₹5899 (Introductory offer at ₹5299) to ensure that your journeys are safe and worry-free. So the next time that cop halted you for jumping the lights -- you probably could prove him wrong.