Still and video prowess is Fujifilm’s two-pronged attack with the X-T4

And you thought things couldn’t get any better than the X-T3
25 May 2020 / 12:24IST

Fujifilm with their X-Series have been right at the top of the mirrorless camera game alongside Sony. And it would seem that Fujifilm is extremely serious about being at the top with a new flagship in the X range. The last-gen X-T3 was a masterpiece, featuring capabilities that far outmatched our photography skills. But with the X-T4 it seems Fujifilm has taken the battle to a whole new level. The X-T4 is the most powerful X-Series camera from the Fujifilm stables to date and like a proper thoroughbred, this powerhouse comes with a slew of new features to boot. With the X-T4, Fujifilm wanted to make sure that there were no compromises in performance whether it is capturing stills or shooting video, And to that end, Fujifilm developed an all-new fixed-axis in-body stabilisation (IBIS) mechanism for super-smooth video and improved stills. The camera also features improved autofocus, boasting focus speeds of up to 0.02 seconds and can also click up to 15 frames per second in burst shooting mode. Longevity gets a big boost as well with a new battery that lasts for approximately 500 frames per charge in standard mode and 600 frames per charge in economy mode. Coming in at ₹1,54,999 (body only) the X-T4 will be available in black and silver colour variants.