Sony’s WX800 travel-friendly compact camera loves to zoom and shoot videos in 4K

Keep your smartphone away you shutterbug
26 October 2018 / 18:40IST

Thinking of upgrading your smartphone because its camera is not up to the mark? Hold that thought. Sony’s newest compact baby WX800 (18.2 MP) is the camera you might want to consider for your travel and point-and-shoot. Don't worry about it being too heavy or bulky, it’s apparently the cased in the world’s smallest body so it’s easy to fit in your pocket and easy to hold. It’s even got a wide 24mm and a 720mm telephoto zoom range with super-quick autofocus abilities (0.09s) so you can go bird watching without scaring off pretty birds. Phew. In addition to that, it’s even able to capture slick 4K video in case you decide you vlog your way through the jungle. Want a super-crisp selfie? Flip the screen around (180°) and make a pout. You can then transfer those pictures without any wires or dongles (NFC, Bluetooth, WiFi) directly on your smartphone and upload them to the gram for instant likes and comments. Best part, your smartphone still has battery for other stuff. You can buy one for ₹34,990 from the Sony Center or any other major electronic store.