Shoot your next trip with the Noise Play 2 action cam for ₹9,999

GoPro for cheap?
24 April 2018 / 18:04IST

Let's get to the point. GoPro’s cheapest action cam costs ₹18,990. That’s comparatively cheap for a GoPro, but for other action-cam brands in the market, GoPro’s prices are a tad too steep for an average Joe in India. How about, instead, you can get an action cam with a 2.2 TFT LCD screen, 4K video recording, 16MP camera for photos, F2.8 aperture, up to 128GB of storage with SD card support, waterproofing, in-built WiFi, microphone, speaker and supports RAW files to please editors. If you’re looking to ‘go pro’ on a budget, head to GoNoise and get yourself one for ₹9999. Keep filming, keep living.