Secureye can keep those mischievous brats from ringing your doorbell

Mom can also find out who’s ruining her poses
05 September 2019 / 14:59IST

Ever had one of those days when you hear the doorbell ring only to find out no one out there? It’s probably those neighbouring brats up to their mischief all the time. Keep them away by scaring the daylights out of them. And when they approach your door, a bright light will shine upon them, capture them. We aren’t talking about employing some superhero watchman. Secureye is a 4G-equipped wireless outdoor CCTV system that features a powerful night vision mode that can monitor your outdoor area up to 30 meters away. The camera boasts of an AI feature that keeps it calm when animals are spotted but lights up the area with a white spotlight when a human movement is detected. The footage is captured and stored on the cloud, while you can take note on your smartphone from anywhere around the globe. Even if your Wi-Fi network goes down, the 4G network will keep the vigil unaffected. Great for your garage too, the FullHD SIP-2HDG-W40 is available for ₹12,500 each and the IP66-rated waterproof body ensures 24x7 operations in any weather.