Phones may shoot pictures, but Canon’s PowerShot G Series can create memories

Go crazy with 30fps photos, 4K videos with the 20.1MP sensor
06 August 2019 / 18:05IST

Heading for a vacation means packing your DSLR and all those lenses. If you are a professional photographer, maybe it makes sense. But if you rely on your smartphone for professional-like photos, think twice about those memories you capture, and the battery that will suffer when you need it most. Why not opt for a compact camera to save you from power troubles, heavyweight and basic quality? Canon’s G series could be your travel companion where you could get near-DSLR image quality as well as complete control on what you shoot. The flagship G series comes in two packages — G7 Mark III and G5 Mark II that will lighten you of ₹52,995 and ₹64,995 respectively, but you won’t regret the purchase for sure. Weighing up to 340g, these babies can also do 4K videos at 30fps, and also include Wi-Fi for posting your photos instantly to your social media account so that your friends and family can be updated on the fly. Tech specs include up to 5x optical zoom with 28mm to 120mm (f/1.8 - f/2.8) lens, ISO speeds of up to 12800 and macro close-ups of up to 0.47x. So pick one of these Canons and let your smartphone do its own job.