Panasonic’s Lumix S Series cams debut into still photography, and up their video game

Mirror-less in the lens…
16 April 2019 / 13:48IST

Panasonic Lumix’s two new babies are all set to take on the full-frame mirrorless market baby storm. The LUMIX S1 and S1R have the potential to soon become the professional photographer’s favourite toys. these are equipped with 24MP and 47.3MP full-frame CMOS sensors that offer life-like images and video in full-frame. Also a first in the series is the introduction of high resolution in a mirrorless full-frame. Hoping their cameras will find best use with wedding videographers, the S1R offers a high-speed, high-precision AF system that will not miss any detail, thanks to the sharp focus and stabilisation. The LUMIX S1 is priced at ₹1,99,990 (body only) and the S1R at ₹2,99,990 (body only). Pricey possessions they are, but the quality these mirrorless magic cams claim to bring to the table will be unmatched as well. Here’s hoping!