The Panasonic Lumix S1H is a full frame mirrorless camera for serious movie makers

One perfect shot
10 October 2019 / 13:50IST

Panasonic has added a new face to its Lumix S Series of full frame mirrorless cameras, and it's an absolute powerhouse. The company is pitching the DC-S1H Lumix S as a serious movie making machine, and it's easy to see why. The new model uses a 24.2MP sensor to shoot 6K video, and is the first full frame mirrorless body to offer 6K 24p recording from the entire area of its 3:2 image sensor. The S1H is also capable of continuous recording thanks to a near-silent built-in fan that cools the body to keep the sensor and processor from overheating, and packs a multi-angle flip screen that'll help videographers get up close and personal. A range of 4K anamorphic modes that help deliver cinema-quality footage are the icing on the cake, and will probably have some of you dreaming about how glorious your next Oscar-winning project will look shot on the SH1. Alright, maybe we're getting a bit ahead of ourselves…Price? At ₹3,19,990, this one will definitely be hot in your palms.