Lomo's liquid-filled pano-cam takes pics that look good enough to drink

Give your shots the wet look
23 October 2020 / 12:38IST

Water is something you don’t normally want to put inside your camera. In fact, it’s just above jam, hot sauce and bees on the list of things that should normally be kept well away from the internal gubbins of something that’s designed to take pictures. But Lomography doesn’t really make normal cameras. Its new 35mm HydroChrome Sutton’s Panoramic Belair is not only a real mouthful, it also allows you to pour liquid into the fixed-focus lens to give its extra-wide shots a dreamy, psychedelic feel. It makes sense to start with water but Lomo actually encourages experimentation using the supplied syringe, so why not fill it with jam, Tabasco, or honey? Just steer clear of actual bees. They don’t take kindly to being forced down tubes.