Leica and Amazon India shake hands to curb availability issues

Because premium products have availability issues, sometimes…
27 March 2018 / 20:14IST

Clickbait, ha! There’s no availability issue because we still can’t afford a Leica even if it was available. Though the hipsters that can will scour the earth to find one, and now Leica is making it easier than scrolling through an Instagram feed. Amazon India will now have Leica products officially selling on the online platform with D-lux, V-lux and Sofort being the party starters along with camera accessories and high quality Leica binoculars. Leica confirmed that more consumer products from their line-up will join the party soon. What’s the best bit? Customers can now take advantage of Amazon India’s no-cost EMI offers and Prime members will obviously get Amazon’s speedy delivery. Click here to own a Leica, it’s not a clickbait, we promise.