Know what your chauffeur is up to with the Anker Roav C2 Pro

A car black box with built-in GPS and Wi-Fi
17 December 2019 / 12:05IST

In order to know where your chauffeur took your car for a spin after he dropped you at work or to find out if your son is rough with your car, you need to be there all the time. But if you plug in a black box in that vehicle, you could peacefully perform at work without worrying about your car. Anker Roav C2 Pro promises to keep an eye and tab on your car for you – always. Using a Sony Stravis F/1.9 sensor, this car dash camera can capture up to four lanes in front, while the built-in GPS will keep track of the route. Transfer your files using its Wi-Fi directly to your smartphone within minutes. Additional sensors will also record emergency videos if your car meets with an accident while parked on the street.  Mount one of these eyes in all you cars for just ₹15,490 each. Now wait until you tell your son how he slammed the gas pedal at the traffic lights last week.