Insta360's One erases the selfie stick

4K action cam takes your selfie game to the next level
29 August 2017 / 19:10IST

Rejoice! The selfie stick is dead! At least, you can pretend it is when you film 360 4K video with Insta360’s new One camera. Attach it to the dreaded Wand of Narcissus and an algorithm will automatically cut it out of your footage, giving the impression that it’s hovering magically in front of your face, a bit like a drone for people who are afraid of flying. You can even swing it round your head and it’ll make a Matrix-style slow-mo shot using its six-axis image stabilisation, while its SmartTrack feature makes sure your subject is always in the centre, allowing you to grab standard 1080p frames from the 4K footage. The iPhone version is available now for US$300 (Which converts to around ₹19,200) with an Android one due to follow shortly.