The GoPro Quik app takes care of the editing for you

Here’s what I did last summer
17 March 2021 / 16:48IST

Owning a GoPro in 2021 is like having a speed boat in the mountains. It looks nice and is quite extraordinary but you need to take it to the right place to fully utilise it. Although we ain’t here to point you to the best spots for adventuring, there are some things that are better suited for couch potatoes and rarely does that happen with a GoPro around. So for the time you spent outside your house before the pandemic, GoPro has launched or rather re-launched its app to relive those memories again. The GoPro App is now juiced up to compile all your adventures into shareable videos without you having to use a single brain cell. The Quik App crawls through your photos and albums and compiles a video with music and transitions. You can even take matters into your own hands and select the photos and videos you want to include along with a song from the included royalty-free library or your own. You can even adjust contrast, brightness and add stickers and filters. Of course, this is an extension of the previous app which lets you control your GoPro and manage your library so all that stuff is still there. You even have a GoPro Mural feature that lets you select the best shots from your library and store them on a private feed. It’s free to download and use on a trial basis. Post which you can subscribe for ₹499/year or ₹99/month to get all the features and even unlimited cloud storage.